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Malaga Spain Car hire Guide

Wherever you travel in the world, finding a reliable car hire service is incredibly useful. You will be able to enjoy all the mobility you can get, explore the surrounding and go wherever and whenever you please. While in Malaga, a car hire service will allow you to explore the beauty of the area. With a warm climate, plenty of sunshine and beautiful beaches, it is a shame to stay indoors. It is best to hire a car and start visiting all the breathtaking areas of Malaga, and enjoy its famous beaches, so well-known throughout the world.

Discover Malaga

Malaga is an extremely accessible resort, due to the international airport it holds. Thus, if you wish to visit it, you can easily find a flight that will bring you straight to Malaga. With planes flying in more than 60 countries, you’d better check the air traveling company in your country, as you might find a straight flight to Malaga. And once you land on the airport, you can opt for a car hire to continue your journey to your chosen hotel. Take the car for the entire period of your vacation here, and enjoy the luxury of being the master of your own time and space.

Reasons for hiring a car

Of course, you will find public transportation in Malaga, but you will have to respect the traveling schedule. So, if you like to sleep late, enjoy a long coffee break on a terrace, or just to get lost on the picturesque streets of Malaga, you might not be able to catch the bus. Why always check the clock, to make sure you will not miss a mean of transportation when you can drive through Malaga. The car hire services here are not expensive at all, so there is no reason not to take advantage of them. Having a valid driver’s license is all you need to hire a car here. Still, if you are under the age of 25, there might be some car providers that will ask for a “young driver fee”. It is not a generally used practice, but it is possible to stumble across it.

Stunning areas to visit

And when there are so many beautiful places to visit, it is a pity not to have a car at your disposal. The Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralfaro, plus the Moorish fortress, will take you to the set times of the Medieval Ages. Located up high on a hill, with stunning gardens and luxurious decorations, these ancient palaces enjoy a view that will remain stuck in your mind. Pedregalejo, Playa de La Malagueta and Playa Las Acacias are among the few beaches that worth to be visited while in Malaga. And the gorgeous sites that await to be discovered do not stop here. Now you may understand the need for hiring a car while staying in Malaga. In the city and around it, the vast number of objective gave this region the reputation of a very sought after travel destination.